Imam WINS fight against South Street mosque

The headline story on local newspaper (evening Post) dated 9 Feb 2012 was:-

This court case cost the Mosque in region of £15,000 (when you add in the legal costs) and public embarrassment. However, to-date the management Committee, headed by Haji Banaras has always maintained they were in the right.

Although this is now an old story (Feb 2012) , it is here as background information.
Different people still refer to this court case to justify their position. Following actions  appear to be a direct consequence of this tribunal case.

(1) Mosque suffered heavy financial loss and public embarrassment.
(2) Resignation of Treasurer Mr Abdur Rehman Kharal
(3) Breach of constitution when replacing the treasurer 
(3) Falsely accusing Committee members of lying under oath 
(2) Breach of constitution when ignoring almost half Committee members 

Its worth noting that even after losing the case, no person ever took responsibility for the case nor was any action taken against anyone. However the treasurer at the time, Mr. Abdur Rehman Kharal , resigned a month before the case hearing (about January 2012). The resignation was never made public, not even the Committee was informed. His replacement,  Farhan Naeem who was Secretary at the time, was selected in secret (without any discussion or vote) to also take on a second role of the Treasurer. 


The constitution in para 5.5 clearly states that vacancies must be filled by runners up or by holding a Special General Meeting.

5.5      In the event of casual vacancy/vacancies in the Committee for any reason, the vacancy/vacancies shall be filled in by the Committee from the names of those members who were runners-up at the last general meeting, in failing that by holding a special general meeting convened for that purpose;

I also wish to highlight how this case was played out within our community.
February 09, 2012 – Headline in local paper clearly states the imam WON, but the mosque Committee spin doctors sent SMS text messages to all members and community stating exactly the opposite:——— Start of SMS Text A ——–
COMMUNITY NOTICE! Asalaam alikum. As you are aware SOUTH STREET MASJID was in court today, i would like to inform you the case has been settled in the masjids favour, the judge agreed with our original offer. ALHUMDULILLAH.MUBARIK TO ALL and jazakallah for your prayers…MOST people would sacrifice themselfs for the masjid, its sad to see some people are willing to sacrifice the masjid for their friendship.Jazak Allah .

——– End of SMS Text A——–

(SMS text sent only few days BEFORE Court Verdict to members)

——– Start of SMS Text B ——–
COMMUNITY NOTICE! SOUTH STREET MASJID is due in court 2mrw due to alleged unfair dismissal of AHMAD RAZA.I would like to point 2 people who r current comittee membrs ABDUL RAZZAQ,AZAR QURESHI r workin against the masjid, astagfirula!The committe has tried evrything possible to solve issues with Mr Raza, unfortunately specific membrs who r making FALSE allegations masjid maynot succeed. I only ask u pray for best intrests of the masjid.Jazak Allah
——– End of SMS Text B ——– 

Please remember, all information above is in public domain or was sent out as SMS Text message “COMMUNITY NOTICE!”. The SMS text messages are in the original format with all typing errors and shortcuts. SMS texts were all sent from mobile phone of Chairman (Haji M. Banaras)  or Secretary ( Farhan Naeem).

10 thoughts on “Imam WINS fight against South Street mosque

  1. TYPICAL…. ALL THE NEGATIVES! MR Qamar I would like to point out we do believe we won the case with Raza! As the judge only offered him the minimum! And not the original 75000!!! which was demanded by him! The judge obviously realised the guy was taken the centre for a ride! And we offered to reinstate him back with an apology which he refused. What can I say he did demand 75k!

    And secondly Mr Qamar ABDUL RAZZAQ and AZAR QURESHI were working against the interest of the masjid! They stood in court under oath and clearly lied! We have copies of all witness testimonies. They refused to help us resolve things with Raza which would have saved the MASJID thousands. Just to make the current committee look bad in the community they stood up against ALLAH house.

  2. Good to see you and rest of Committee are finally overcoming your shyness to face the public. For almost 4 years the whole centre was in total information freeze or lock-down mode and deliberately denying the paying members and public any information of substance.

    Anyway back to your comment.
    (A) Brother Farhan I went out of my way to make it easy for you and rest of public to know the truth. That is why I highlighted the Evening post headline in yellow which clearly states that THE IMAM WON THE CASE. (The full article is still available on getreading website). So even now almost 2 years later, you continue to spread the lie that you won. I would suggest you get an unbiased mate to read the article which is very clear that the imam won.

    Now you telling me and rest of the public, that infact you were prepared to pay out much more than the £15,000 (maybe even as much as £75,000) for your mistakes. Now I see why you all went into information lock-down mode!

    Its worth noting that even after losing the case, no person ever took responsibility for the case nor was any action taken against anyone

    (B) With Regards to the witness statements, Farhan brother, you should have just followed the old way and continue your groups well practiced art of deceptions and propaganda. By trying to defend your dishonesties, its only further exposed your lies, tricks and incompetence.

    Do you have the confidence to back up your statement and produce any of the witness statements?

    If you can do this, it really would put an end to the propoganda about this case, if you could highlight the actual lies that ABDUL RAZZAQ and AZAR QURESHI are supposed to have made. If its genuine lies then brother Farhan, I am with you on this and will support you whenever you ask about this case.

    As I suspect, maybe suddenly the witness statements that you confidently said are in your possession may disappear. In that case let me know, and I or Abdul Razaq may be able to help you with copy of the statements..So no backing out now.


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