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Naat – Subhan-Allah by Sayyid Usman Ali Al-Qadri & friends

Naat – Subhan-Allah by Sayyid Usman Ali Al-Qadri & friends

A spiritual gathering to celebrate the birth of the Prophet (SAW) (eid Milad un Nabi) at the residence of brother Raja M M Sakandar. The group of young naat khawans, that included Sayyid Usman Ali Al-Qadri, from London/Birmingham were absolutely amazing and the food delicious. What a spiritually uplifting experience….enjoy some sample photo’s and video’s.

Islamic Event in APRIL 2006 – HIGHLIGHTS

Islamic Event (in Urdu) at Pakistan Community Centre in READING UK on 30 April 2006. Organised by Reading Islamic Centre, South Street Mosque. Reading. Featuring Karachi’s famous naat Khawan, Al-Haj Yousuf Memon saib.

Eid milad Un Nabi Jalsa in APRIL 2006 – HIGHLIGHTS Only

Also featuring Muhammad Raza Mustafa, Hafiz Mohammad Akhtar, Raja Muhmmad Zaheer Ahmad,Hafiz Qari Javed Akhtar (Manchester),

Western Foreign Policy & Terrorism

A recording of a UK based LBC Talk/Chat radio show hosted by presenter Shelagh Fogarty on 13 Jan 2015 asking the question
“Is western foreign policy to blame for the attacks in Charlie Hebdo Offices in Paris (France)? “You-are-terrorist-C

FACT 1:  95% of suicide terrorist attacks are targeted at occupying foreign militaries.

FACT 2:  0% of suicide terrorist attacks have been directed at countries not militarily involved in geopolitical disputes.

Robert Pape at the University of Chicago, with funding from the Department of Defense, has created the first comprehensive database of every suicide terrorist attack in the world from 1980 until today.  The data reveal important truths that must be realized before there can be any hope of minimizing this threat.

Every suicide terrorist campaign has had a clear goal that is secular and political: to compel a modern democracy to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland…. READ MORE BELOW….

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Muslims Disunity, Sects, Firqa Wariyat

Sunni-Shia-Wahabi-Barelvi-Deobandi etc Solution for different madhabs and aqeedah.
Please follow the tolerance and love of our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and not necessarily the example of some so-called Imams, Maulvi or Leaders!

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PCC Event : Tears Of Syria

Tears of SYRIA


Community Projects of Reading in Association with Pakistan Community Centre:

Presents : Tears of Syria (Fundraiser) Hosted by Sheikh Zaheer Mahmood who will give details of his own witnessed accounts from his recent travels.

Event will Include Lecture, Beautiful Recitation of The Holy Quran, Auction, Stalls & much More…

Saturday 15th February 6PM Start @ The Pakistan Community Centre, Reading, RG1 3PA


Imam WINS fight against South Street mosque

The headline story on local newspaper (evening Post) dated 9 Feb 2012 was:-

This court case cost the Mosque in region of £15,000 (when you add in the legal costs) and public embarrassment. However, to-date the management Committee, headed by Haji Banaras has always maintained they were in the right.