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Naat Translation

Naat Shareef Lyrics and Translations

The following Naat is the most well-known of Hazrat Pir Syed Mehr Ali Shah Sahib of Golra Sharif writings in verse. It has a grandeur equalled by few other Naats in any language. It’s concluding verse in particular is unmatched in it’s beauty and emotional appeal.

English Lyrics and translation

aj sik mitraaN dee vadheeRi ay
kyon dilree udaas ganeree ay
looN looN vich shawq changeri ay
aj nainaaN laiyaaN kyon jhaRiyaaN!

Today the yearning for the loved one is great indeed!
Why is my heart saddened, like a reed?
The desire is aflame, running through my veins!
Why are my adoring eyes today dazzled by the beloved?

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