New Management Committee

The following 11 Nominees were accepted and declared as been duly elected as members of the new Management Committee.

(1) Farhan Naeem

(2) Aftab Qadri

(3) Haji Mohammed Banaras

(4) Raja Tabrais

(5) Haji Azam Janjua

(6) Mohammed Shabeer

(7) Qamar Javed

(8) Abdul Razak

(9) Haji Alf Din

(10) Mohammed Chaudhry Azim

(11) Raja Khalid Khan

As per the Constitution para 5.4 shown below, the above members  will hold a meeting ASAP to elect Office bearers for the position of Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and General Administrator.

5.4      Soon after the election of nine members to serve on the Committee, these members shall hold a meeting and elect the office bearers to hold office as provided in Clause 5.2 on such terms and conditions as the committee may determine;

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